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Roots of Peace/AMP
Roots of Peace/AMP
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About Roots of Peace/AMP:

Roots of Peace is a humanitarian organization whose mission is to rid the world of landmines and other remnants of war by transforming toxic minefields into thriving farmland and communities, through a focus on sustainable, organic farming practices. Roots of Peace is implementing the 3-year, USAID-funded Agriculture Marketing Program.


AMP Project Description:

The Agriculture Marketing Program (AMP) is a three-year USAID-funded program that follows on the successes of the ten-year USAID Commercial Horticulture and Agricultural Marketing Program (CHAMP). The program works in 12 provinces of Afghanistan, focusing on increasing farm production and domestic sales through interventions aimed at farmers and agribusinesses. During the first two years of the program, AMP worked with leading Afghan processing and export firms to increase export volumes and values, introduce new agricultural products to the market, diversify export markets and increase value-added processing. The program's market-based, demand-driven approach focused on supporting private sector growth and sustainability, thereby creating demand for agricultural products that drive job growth in rural areas. Women are incorporated into all areas of program implementation.

In its final fiscal year of implementation, AMP has pivoted to an approach that addresses food security challenges precipitated by the emerging economic and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. This approach comprises three key strategies:

  1. Connecting Farmers to Domestic Markets
  2. Increasing Value-Add of Agriculture Products, Extending Shelf Life of Products
  3. Support for Remote Rural Areas


Activities include:

  • Increasing farm productivity and food security through Farmer Field Schools and other activities aimed at building farm capacity.
  • Expanding the number of agricultural products through value addition and product diversification, such as processed jams and sulfur dried apricots.
  • Linking farmers with traders, and traders with buyers in domestic markets, such as through domestic food expos and B2B meetings.
  • Building the capacity of agribusinesses to maximize output and quality for domestic markets.
  • Supporting initiatives such as improved post-harvest handling infrastructure for traders, including packing houses, cold storage, and improved packaging.
  • Addressing important supply chain and trade impediments that restrict the sale of high value agriculture products.

AMP works primarily with private sector agribusinesses, farm producers and other USAID-funded agricultural programs. Specific attention is given to support the participation of women and youth in AMP activities.


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